Left Wing Lawsuit Filed to Help Dems Continue the ‘STEAL’


Several left-wing advocacy groups are now pressing a lawsuit against the State of Kansas in an attempt to fend off the GOP-controlled State Legislature’s constitutionally mandated efforts to ensure the integrity of their elections.

The Republican supermajorities in the Kansas State House and Senate recently overrode the vetoes of their Democrat Governor Laura Kelly and instituted several crucial reforms to bring the electoral system back under control after voters’ faith in the system was annihilated by the storm of irregularities and credible allegations of fraud in the 2020 Election.

The Democrats benefitted almost exclusively from the 2020 debacle propelling the Biden-Harris regime into power without legitimacy or a mandate to lead. Now leftist lobbying groups and special interests are desperate to solidify the steal.

The reforms of HB 2332 and HB 2183 are basic and fundamental for ensuring elections are free and fair. There is not a SINGLE item in either bill that is not completely reasonable and beneficial to every voter. It’s actually surprising and disturbing that many of these weren’t laws already.

HB 2332 includes reforms such as:

  • Prohibiting the Governor, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch from altering election laws.
  • Requires approval from the Legislative Coordinating Council prior to the
    Secretary of State entering into consent decrees with any court.
  • Updates the Election tampering law to include:
    • Changing or attempting to change, alter, destroy, or conceal any vote cast by
      paper ballot or computer;
    • Changing or attempting to change any vote by manipulating computer hardware
      or software, election machines, wireless or cellular transmissions, or vote
      tabulation methods; or
    • Knowingly producing false vote totals.
  • Each county election officer to maintain a residential address and mailing address for each registered voter if the mailing address is different from the residential address. The bill requires this information to be recorded in any electronic database maintained
    by each county election officer.

    • Requires the residential address of a registered voter to correspond to a physical location where the voter resides.
    • Cannot be a post office box or other address that does not correspond to a physical location that can be occupied.
    • The bill requires that any mailed solicitation for a registered voter to file an application for an advance (mail-in) ballot must include the name of their organization, name of the CEO or Executive Director, their address, plus: “Disclosure: This is not a government mailing. It is from a private individual or organization.” To avoid any possibility the voter may consider the mailing to be from the government.
  • Prohibits out-of-state organizations sending mail-in ballot applications to Kansas voters.

HB 2183 includes reforms such as:

  • Making it a felony to knowingly alter or backdate the postmark on a mail-in ballot.
  • Requires that election officials ONLY accept mail-in ballots that have passed signature verification, matched to county voter registration records.
  • Removes the authority of the Secretary of State (Secretary) to extend the deadline for receiving advance mail ballots.
  • The bill creates the felony crime of false representation of an election official, defined as knowingly engaging in any of the following by phone, mail, email, website, or other online activity or other means of communication while not holding a position as an election official:
    • Representing oneself as an election official;
    • Engaging in conduct that gives the appearance of being an election official; or
    • Engaging in conduct that would cause another person to believe a person
      engaging in such conduct is an election official.
  • Prohibits Ballot Harvesting, making it a misdemeanor:
    • Prohibiting A candidate for office from delivering an advance voting ballot on behalf of another voter unless it is on behalf of an immediate family member [Note: The candidate could return no more than ten advance voting ballots total.]; and
    • An individual from delivering more than ten advance voting ballots on behalf of other voters during an election.

Lawsuit Proves The Democrats Are Terrified

The Democratic Party in Kansas is on the ropes, they’re clinging desperately to the Governor’s office and facing a voter revolt in November that can only worsen their legislative prospects. The realization that even if election laws return to pre-COVID norms they will lose badly terrifies them, let alone policies that strengthen the system and harden it against fraud even futher.

For the far-left fringe that has taken over the party of Andrew Jackson, this threat is existential and real. In 2022, the Republican backlash will knock them out of the Congressional majority and likely eradicate any slim majorities they hold in the midwest and south. It could even be a blowout in many states with extremely slim Democrat representation. This is why they will fight tooth and nail in every state that is enacting electoral integrity reform.


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