LEAK: Trump Indictment IMMINENT

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Donald Trump needs to brace himself for the imminent here.

Most pundits believe Merrick Garland’s mind was made up long before the FBI entered Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump will be indicted, more than likely citing the Espionage Act.

Chips in the Middle

If this were a poker game, Merrick Garland is about to push all-in.

Just about every pundit on the right and left agree that Garland made up his mind the moment he authorized that raid.

It is a risky move because it will be deemed political unless he manages to pull off a bombshell.

With the documents believed to have been seized, that does not seem to be the case once Trump’s attorneys explained how Trump had documents declassified when he left the White House.

Many people do not like or agree with how these documents were allegedly declassified, including the DOJ, but what they think based on the current rules regarding the president’s authority means nothing.

If Trump, as president, declassified those documents, and they were removed per his rule while he was still president, those documents are declassified.

As I stated above, Garland is all-in here, so this will wind up in a massive court battle that will test presidential powers.

Eventually, it will go before the Supreme Court where I do not see them ruling in favor of the DOJ.

I would suspect we will get a long-winded decision, recommending that Congress go to work to establish better protocols, but I see little that can be done to Trump other than to energize his campaign by indicting this man.

Garland made a move to remove Trump from contention, but he probably just put him in the White House.


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