Joe Bidens 9/11 Memorial Disasters


Joe Biden’s memorial morning started out bad on September 11, then went downhill from there. His day was as much of a disaster as the one he was trying to commemorate. He made the rounds of all three crash sites but after the fiasco that happened at ground zero, he decided to keep his mouth shut. And his mask on.

Biden memorial madness

Americans from coast-to-coast are wondering exactly what Imperial Leader Joe Biden was thinking. The speculation over what he was screaming is flying around twitter relentlessly. A photographer at Getty managed to snap some smoking gun evidence of Joe Biden with his mask down.

At the ground zero memorial, a supposedly somber event, Biden ripped down his mask to scream something at someone. Nobody has the slightest clue who he was yelling at, why, or what he said. Apparently His Wisdom isn’t real sure either.

That wasn’t the reason he got booed though. That was another highlight of the New York City memorial event where he was joined by former occupiers of the White House, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. The howling crowed demanded blood as they booed Biden.

They mocked the Imperial Leader for “exacerbating the Afghanistan crisis.” A 90-year-old woman who lost her son in the 9/11 terror attacks “hurled abuses at him for mishandling the situation.”

The woman showed no mercy and she wasn’t alone in heckling Biden at the memorial either. “The murderers… Look the murderers! Boo…boo…boo…You are a mutt for what you did to Afghanistan… Terrible, terrible,” a man “was heard yelling.

Biden tried real hard to ignore it, until he snapped. His handlers thought they were going to have to spritz him with the spray bottle. The resentment in the faces of the crowd was intimidating.

Making the rounds

Former president Donald Trump didn’t bother going to ground zero. Instead he gave a separate speech in memorial.

He couldn’t resist ripping into Biden for the way he handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban. It was a total surrender, ending two decades of war with abject failure. “The leader of our country was made to look like a fool and that can never be allowed to happen.”

There’s no doubt in Trump’s mind that the whole fiasco was “caused by bad planning, incredible weakness, and leaders who truly didn’t understand what was happening.”

The crowd seemed to agree with him at the ground zero memorial as they glared at Biden and snarled.

After that, Biden was quiet on the memorial tour. First they went to the shrine for Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

After an uneventful ceremony the entourage headed off to the Pentagon. There he was joined by Jill Biden for a wreath laying ceremony and very carefully didn’t say a word.


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