Joe Biden WILL Be Held Accountable


He will be held accountable for this one. There is no possible way for Joe Biden to weasel out of responsibility for one of the biggest blunders in military history. If Once and Future President Donald Trump were in the White House, this situation wouldn’t have happened. If he were there today, he’s the only seasoned Commander-in-Chief of American forces alive with the cojones to do what needs to be done to isolate the outbreak of terrorism. Turn Afghanistan into a big glass parking lot.

Accountable for huge failure

The United States spent twenty years and $83 billion dollars to train Afghan security forces to defend themselves. It all got flushed down the toilet by His Wisdom Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., who yanked the rug right out from under them. Even Democrats are demanding the Imperial Leader be held accountable.

All the experts are shocked at how fast the Taliban took over, “in some cases without a shot fired.” Not only did the Taliban end up with all the political power cards in their greedy and violent hands, they also snagged U.S.-supplied firepower. “Guns, ammunition, helicopters and more.”

The goat humpers won’t be using stone age equipment for long. They “captured an array of modern military equipment when they overran Afghan forces who failed to defend district centers.” As they worked their way up the food chain, the plunder became much more valuable. Joe Biden is accountable for all of it.

According to Palace Defense officials, when the forces led by a commander released from Gitmo by Biden took over the military bases “with stunning speed,” the “Taliban’s sudden accumulation of U.S.-supplied Afghan equipment is enormous.”

Even the palace admits that the “reversal is an embarrassing consequence of misjudging the viability of Afghan government forces.”

Each and every one of our alphabet spy agencies are stunned that Afghan government forces they certified as battle ready “chose to surrender their vehicles and weapons rather than fight.” If Biden isn’t accountable, who is? That’s a question which “will be studied for years by military analysts.”

No motivation

While the finger-pointing in Washington is getting frantic, the “basic dimensions, however, are clear and are not unlike what happened in Iraq. The forces turned out to be hollow, equipped with superior arms but largely missing the crucial ingredient of combat motivation.” You can throw money around all you want but “you cannot purchase leadership,” says John Kirby, chief spokesman for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Biden must be held accountable for leaving such lackadaisical forces behind without the air support they were accustomed to. According to retired Army lieutenant general Doug Lute, “as outsiders in Afghanistan, we can provide materiel, but only Afghans can provide the intangible moral factors.”

The Taliban are totally motivated and Joe Biden must be held accountable for missing that neon sign. They may have “smaller numbers, less sophisticated weaponry and no air power,” but they still “proved a superior force.”

When Joe Biden “announced in April he was withdrawing all U.S. troops, the intelligence agencies did not foresee a Taliban final offensive that would succeed so spectacularly.”

They look back now and say oops we missed it and think that if everyone is to blame then nobody will be held accountable. Joe Biden needs one of those “The buck stops here” signs like Truman had on his desk. Chris Miller sums it up.

As someone who saw combat in Afghanistan, it’s obvious to him that if “we wouldn’t have used hope as a course of action, we would have realized the rapid drawdown of U.S. forces sent a signal to the Afghan national forces that they were being abandoned.” It’s all Biden’s fault. “When they learned that their American partners were going home, an impulse to give up without a fight spread like wildfire.”


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