Israeli U.N. Ambassador’s Chilling Warning to the U.S.


In light of the surge in anti-Semitic protests taking place throughout the United States, Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, issued a dire warning to current President Joe Biden. This comes after exactly one month of war between Israel and Hamas.

Erdan made an appearance on CNN Sunday, during which he stated that “the situation right now is shocking” and that we are close to a “catastrophe even here in the United States”. The Ambassador also noted that Jewish students have been threatened both by other students and their professors, and that university presidents were not doing enough to condemn these attacks.

He urged them to take action such as expelling threatening students and firing anti-Semite professors; he warned that if no action was taken soon, there could be a terror attack against a Jewish community in America.

Erdan went on to explain how Hamas is responsible for the hardships occurring in Gaza. He pointed out how fighters use civilians as human shields while setting up operations within civilian population centers like schools and hospitals.

While recognizing the poor living conditions of Gazans, he stressed that it was important to hold Hamas accountable for their actions rather than accepting their modus operandi or else Western civilization societies will never be able defeat terrorists organizations across the globe.

Erdan concluded his statement by urging President Biden’s administration to take action against those inciting violence rather than just speaking out against it. He asserted that Israel is doing its utmost best to minimize civilian casualties but ultimately it is up to Biden’s administration to ensure safety for Jewish people living throughout America.

With this warning still fresh on everybody’s minds, let us hope something concrete will be done soon before it is too late.


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