Iraq Goes Right Behind Blinken’s Back With This Move


Talk about a burn. Recently, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, held a meeting with Iranian leadership to show support for Hamas. And the worst part is this happened just one day after he met with United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.

During this meeting, Blinken expressed concerns over attacks by Iranian-backed militia groups on U.S troops stationed in Iraq. Al-Sudani then traveled to Tehran and issued a press release from Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s office where he praised Hamas’ Oct 7 terrorist attack and criticized Israel for its counteroffensive.

In Tehran, Al-Sudani also met with President Ebrahim Raisi and sharply criticized the US for their support of “crimes against humanity” that are being committed by Israel. The two agreed that a broader regional conflict could only be avoided if Israel halts their counteroffensive against Gaza Strip.

Al-Sudani stated “Those who want the scope [of] this crisis not to expand to all over the region, must put pressure on the Zionist regime to stop this aggression and organized killing.”

Prior to his meeting with Iranian leadership, al-Sudani had a productive conversation with Blinken during which he made it clear that he condemns any attacks by Iranian backed militias towards U.S troops stationed in Iraq.

Since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct 7th there have been 47 reported attacks targeting American targets in Middle Eastern countries such as Syria and Iraq.

At the end of their talk Blinken warned al- Sudani not to take advantage of conflict in Gaza when addressing reporters saying “It was very important to send a very clear message to anyone who might seek to take advantage of the conflict in Gaza to threaten our personnel here or anywhere else in the region: don’t do it.”


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