Intruder Arrested Twice Outside Presidential Candidate’s Home


Looks like presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has had a pretty stressful week so far. On Wednesday, October 25, a shocking incident took place at RFK’s home in Los Angeles.

An intruder was seen scaling his fence and asking to speak with the presidential candidate. The security team from Gavin de Becker & Associates (GDBA) immediately apprehended the trespasser and handed him over to the Los Angeles Police Department.

However, it didn’t end there; after being released from police custody, the man returned to Kennedy’s residence and was arrested again – with Kennedy still inside the home.

RFK took to Twitter to explain the details of what had happened.

As if this situation wasn’t alarming enough already, what’s even more concerning is that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign has been repeatedly denied protection from the Secret Service despite multiple formal requests submitted by them.

Every other presidential administration in the past 55 years have offered early protection to candidates who requested it – yet somehow this Biden administration is reportedly refusing to do so for RFK Jr.

In fact, his campaign sent out another request just recently on October 25th which pointed out how he had been facing threats since announcing his candidacy, such as a man named Adrian Aispuro showing up at a side door of one of his events carrying a loaded handgun and extra ammunition in his backpack.

The identity of this second intruder remains unknown at this time but has certainly sparked greater concern amongst those close to Kennedy about safety concerns and why action isn’t being taken against these threats sooner by federal authorities.

It seems outrageous that any potential candidate would not receive Secret Service protection while their opponents are given such privileges, especially considering there have been instances where they were specifically threatened or targeted with weapons involved.


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