He’s a TRAITOR…and Now a RUSSIAN Too


Vladimir Putin officially granted full Russian citizenship to traitor Edward Snowden. He’s the former contract government hacker who “leaked information about top-secret U.S. surveillance programs.” Washington wants him to stand trial for espionage but know that will only happen over Snowden’s dead body. That’s why he’s been hiding it in Russia since 2013.

Traitor now a Russian, too

Edward Snowden is a traitor, no matter how you slice it. He gave away secrets which crippled the American intelligence industry. The proper way to blow that whistle is they way the FBI agents are doing now. Privately, to senators with the proper security clearance.

If Snowden had approached someone like John Ratcliffe with his concerns, you can bet they would have been addressed. Instead, he went public on Wikileaks.

The traitor, who is now 39-years-old “was one of 72 foreigners granted citizenship in a decree signed by Putin.” He first landed in Moscow back in 2013 and they gave him asylum. Because he’s probably using his skills for the Kremlin now, Snowden “was granted permanent residency in 2020.

That’s when he applied for his passport. Even though he’s now a Russian, for some strange reason he’s not “renouncing his U.S. citizenship.

According to Snowden’s lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, his wife, Lindsay Mills, just filed for her citizenship. They got married in 2017 after she was allowed to join him in 2014. They have a son.

Because Snowden isn’t a “national born” Russian and because he knows how to do strange things to their weapons they never even thought about exploiting, he’s not going to be allowed to serve in their military. Once a traitor, as they say. Vlad mentioned that, saying, “only those with previous experience would be called up in the partial mobilization.

America trying to extradite

Uncle Sam is still trying to drag him back and imprison him but Palace Press Minister Karine Jean-Pierre sidestepped talking about his new passport in the daily round of questions.

So, since I believe there have been criminal charges brought against him, we would point you to the Department of Justice for any specifics on this.” Merrick Garland is too busy trying to frame Donald Trump for anything he can manufacture to bother answering questions about any actual traitor.

One thing we do know is that what Snowden leaked was “arguably the biggest security breach in U.S. history.” Terabytes of data covering “top-secret NSA surveillance as part of a program known as PRISM and the extraction of a wide range of digital information.


Details on how to extract that information. It showed that American spooks had a huge toybox full of high tech ways to tiptoe through your computer without you ever knowing it. That’s what makes him a traitor.

Putin doesn’t think Snowden is all that bad. He said so in a documentary produced by American Oliver Stone. “As an ex-KGB agent, you must have hated what Snowden did with every fiber of your being,” Stone remarks in one clip.

Snowden is not a traitor. He did not betray the interests of his country. Nor did he transfer any information to any other country which would have been pernicious to his own country or to his own people. The only thing Snowden does, he does publicly.


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