Hamas Commander Goes After His Own Group


Now here’s something you probably weren’t expecting. The conflict between Israel and Hamas has continued since October 7 when the terror group made its first strike. Now, over one month in, a Hamas commander has stepped forward to speak against the group’s leadership.

On Sunday, November 5, a commander who goes by the alias Abu Mohammed spoke out against his own political leadership, calling them out for having no connection to life in Gaza. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mohammed criticized the lavish lifestyle that the leadership enjoys in Qatar and Turkey while he was eating dates and olive oil— hardly a luxurious meal.

This high-level leader within Hamas also claimed responsibility for the Oct 7th attack on Israel that resulted in over 1,400 deaths— many of whom were civilians— and 200 people taken hostage. His original plan had been to target military targets only, but it was changed without his knowledge or consent by higher-ups in politics.

What’s more is that communication between commanders and leaders has ceased completely. To put it bluntly, as Mohammad said himself “We don’t know what direction to go in next…We don’t know which path to take…They [Hamas leadership] destroyed us.”

In response to this invasion from Gaza into Israel, war was declared by Israeli authorities immediately following the attack. The main goal of this war is to ensure border security while simultaneously taking down Hamas’s power structure once and for all. Since then they have carried out air strikes as well as ground campaigns against certain areas of Gaza run by Hamas as part of their mission objectives.


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