George Soros Doubles Down To Defeat Trump

George Soros

George Soros knows that he won’t be able to take his money with him when he goes to hell, so he’s spending it now. He intends to stop Donald Trump from being reelected, one way or another. The evil overlord already doubled what he spent in 2016, and for him, the $40 million he chipped in so far is only the beginning.

George Soros spends big bucks

Evil billionaire George Soros already spent double the $20 million he dumped into defeating Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign, and that’s just the money that shows publicly on the record. Who knows what he’s doing behind the scenes. It shows he’s a desperate man.

So far in the 2020 race, George Soros plowed a huge chunk into the accounts of Democracy PAC, “a super PAC that passes money to other liberal PACs working to defeat Trump.” This particular super PAC took in $40 million this year and the money came both from Soros directly and from his “sprawling network” of nonprofits. Darth Soros has his tentacles in everything.

The Washington Free Beacon points out that “the megadonor’s torrent of spending highlights the extent to which liberal donors are committed to getting Trump out of office.” All of George’s buddies are backing him up. “Many groups financially backed by Soros have launched multi-million-dollar attack ad campaigns in swing states to reach moderate voters who backed Trump in 2016.” What they pledged adds up to “hundreds of millions.” Just like Michael Bloomberg, they are trying to buy the election.

Democrats take ‘dark money’ from their dark lord

Democrats are generally vocal about slamming candidates, especially Republicans, for taking “dark money” from billionaires. It’s different when the billionaire is Dark Lord Darth Soros. “While Democrats across the country sanctimoniously rail against the influence of dark money in politics,” one operative admits, their party’s largest donors including George Soros “are bankrolling a massive web of liberal organizations to get them elected.” Despite the “hypocritical rhetoric,” Democrats are addicted to the cash injections.

George wrote his own name on a check for $5.5 million to the super PAC. Then he ordered his “Fund for Policy Reform” to write a check for $35 million more. The Open Society Foundation network nonprofit has a lot more where that came from too. According to the latest tax records, they “reported having $750 million in the bank.” This way, Soros name doesn’t show up on every scrap of paper in the evidence trail.

Without factoring in any other undisclosed spending, the $40 million to the super pack makes George Soros tied with liberal Tom Steyer in anti-Trump spending. The Democracy PAC passed out $25 million “to other liberal PACs.” That includes “$7 million donation to the Senate Majority PAC, a committee tied to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.” Creepy Joe Biden gets a cut too, with “$5 million to Priorities USA Action, the largest outside pro-Biden PAC.” Just for fun, $2.5 million slid across the table to “the left-wing Win Justice coalition.” They “focused on electing far-left prosecutors.”


  1. The President needs to snap out of his coma and realize who the real enemy to the United States is. It is not Russia or China, it is George Soros and his New World Order. The President needs to declare War on these people and unleash the full power of the Government on them. Soros and his group should be investigated for Treason and attempting to overthrow the legally established government of the United States. The New World Order are traitors and should be treated as such. The President needs to get them, before they are successful in getting him.

  2. I understand that Soros is not allowed back in the country of his birth because of his attacking the government and the things he is trying to put in place. He should be tossed out of the US as a traitor to a country that took in the Nazie sympathizer.He betrayed his own people to the Germans

  3. I would like to grab that old mother f*cker and choke him like a chicken I want to see if he hops when I wring his neck for him You can see by the looks of the old bastard that money cannot buy happiness He is at battle against good forever it seems He is rotten all the way through You thought I was going to say to the core but I will always be a Marine and I hate when that term is used So I will certainly not allow anything near this old f*ck Sociopathic old creep He is another that I would not not mind it he was smashed by a truck

  4. the government knows what soros is doing and the democrats are ignoring it , because they get a cut of the pie. seize his assets wherever they may be, put a bounty on him, arrest him and place him in gitmo until conviction and let him have the punishment he deserves as a traitor!

    • Ya know the most ironic part of this is, even tho the dems are ignoring him or helping him, if he was to be sucessful with a new world order, every democrat would get screwed just like all the rest of us. He don’t like them either, he’s just using them for a means to an end and that’s all. He doesn’t favor one pawn over another, to him we are all the same, just more stepping stones for his means to an end. Think about this, before Trump, we had no such thing as an Antifa group in this country.

  5. Glenn Beck introduced us to George Soros many years ago and it has been very interesting to watch his antics ..He is probably one of the most evil, if not the most evil man that ever lived..
    And I don’t understand why he is still running lose and causing so much trouble…God has a special place for old George and at his age of 90 it is safe to say that could happen at any time now..
    Yes, the new world order that he , the bushes, Clintons and the rest of the evil doers decided that we needed might actually happen..But God will win in the end..
    We are a strong people,God fearing and deeply caring for the rights of our fellow man,so pray and wait patiently for God to come ..
    God Bless Mr. Trump and all of us..


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