Former Employee Exposes What They Did to Trump


Another whistleblower from the dark depths of big tech has emerged from Google and confirmed the tech giant’s continuing efforts to censor conservative speech. Zach Vorhies exposes how Google updated its algorithms to target President Trump and his supporters in his new book: “Google Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Expose,”. In his book Vorhies makes the case that Google not only committed a mass manipulation of the public during the 2016 election: internally, they celebrated it and detailed their methods, boasting of their ingenuity.

According to Vorhies bio on,

“Vorhies walked out 950 pages of Google internal documents to the Department of Justice antitrust division detailing Google’s extensive censorship project. This project is called “Machine Learning Fairness”, which has already corrupted Google Search, YouTube, and News products. This, along with various black lists and secret page rank scores, is being used by Google to manipulate public opinion according to a hidden agenda.”

Vorhies Exposes The Depths of Google’s Manipulation to Defeat Trump

The information Vorhies went on to expose in several interviews provides a stunning revelation of the lengths that Google is willing to go to in order to subvert the will of the American people. OANN wrote, “He also explained how the process worked during an interview with the Epoch Times. Vorhies went on to clarify how these classifiers were trained by people with biases based on what they believed to be fake or misleading news. The classifiers allow Google to automatically filter out content they believe goes against the truth and their political narrative.”

Mr. Vorhies concluded that Google’s algorithm attached negative stories about President Trump to pre-existing ones. By doing this consistently as each story broke they were able to keep them trending at the top of search results longer in order to manipulate public opinion. And exposed Google’s nefarious conspiracy to rewrite its’ operating codes in secret to prevent conservatives all over the United States from meaningfully participating in the national conversation leading to the election.

In spite of releases like this one, Google’s efforts to suppress conservative political discourse in general, and President Trump (as well as his supporters) in particular have continued unabated and in all likelihood proved pivotal in the severely compromised 2020 Presidential Election.


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