FBI: Trump Supporters Can ‘Expect a Knock’ at Your Door


If you were stupid enough to walk into the Capitol Building on Wednesday, Federal officials are advising that you turn yourself in before the FBI tracks you down. The message they send is so chilling that each and every “Trump Supporter” who chose to exercise their First Amendment rights over the past four years is afraid of a similar knock at their door. “Even if you left D.C., agents for our local field offices will be knocking on your door.” Welcome to the New World Order.

Storm Troopers will knock soon

Huffington post writes, “Federal officials sent a strong, if delayed, message to the public on Tuesday about the Trump-inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol, announcing that hundreds of cases would be brought against the insurrectionists.” The Storm Troopers will be roaming neighborhoods to knock on doors as part of the Joe Biden Administration’s first 100 days.

Americans are calling for an investigation into the association between the invaders and a group commonly referred to as “Q-Anon” or simply just “Q.” A lot of folks wonder if the FBI is lurking behind the mask of anonymity. Working to trick unwary extreme radicals into acting on “cue.” It won’t do any good.

Despite the outcry from the beginning that the barbarians who invaded the Capitol Building were not real “Trump Supporters,” the Democrat controlled media continues to call them that. They seem to have a dark and sinister reason for it. Logically, the next step is a door knock crew of armed officials to round up any conservative American who dared to support the things which Donald Trump supported.

Things like the Constitution, free speech, and the Second Amendment. Any questions about how the barbarians were allowed to penetrate security are “verboten.” If security really did let them in, the public will never know it. Even if it was an inside job, nobody will believe it.

The right to bear arms is especially crucial in order to protect all of other constitutional rights. For that reason, the Joint Chiefs have already announced that they’re on the side of George Soros, so don’t even try any of that pesky Second Amendment nonsense.

“President-elect Biden will be inaugurated and will become our 46th Commander in Chief.” Whether the election was legal or not. The National Guard will be armed and potentially using live ammunition at Biden’s inauguration. When they knock on your door, surrender peacefully, they advise.

US Capitol is a ‘Crime Scene’

Acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia Michael Sherwin appeared in a broadcast timed to interrupt coverage of President Donald Trump discussing border security from Alamo, Texas. He called the U.S. Capitol “essentially a crime scene.” He’s right but he doesn’t really want to know who was actually behind the invasion.

The FBI is firmly convinced that deplorable “Trump Supporters” did it. Those who entered the building are in special trouble but even those who didn’t might still be prosecuted for it. If you didn’t enter, you wanted to. Expect a knock at the door sometime soon.

“The scope and scale of this are unprecedented,” Sherwin relates. “Not only in FBI history but probably DOJ history.” They have already identified the prime targets. “more than 170 subject file cases had already been opened.” Once they see who all these people had in their Facebook friend collection, then run down the friends of those friends, “the number of charges” will “geometrically increase.”

They have already sent teams to knock on doors for 70 people identified. “We’re looking at everything from simple trespass, to theft of mail, to theft of digital devices inside the Capitol, to assault on local officer, federal officers both outside and inside the Capitol, to the theft of potential national security information, to felony murder.”

The FBI is confidant that they can find a crime to fit every patriotic Trump Supporter, there or not. “The gamut of cases and criminal conduct we’re looking at is really mind-blowing.” Steven D’Antuono warned not to wait for them to knock on your door.

Go ahead and turn yourself in now and it will go easier on you. They might give you a tent closer to the showers at the FEMA camp for it. “Even if you left D.C., agents for our local field offices will be knocking on your door if we find out that you were part of the criminal activity at the Capitol.”


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