FBI Issued SHOCKING Order About Hunter Laptop


The last thing the tipster with solid evidence of international high-dollar money laundering expected to be told by a nameless agent of the Federal Bureau of Instigation is “get out of my office and lawyer up.” The FBI did NOT want to know about any Biden family crimes on Hunter’s laptop. They did, however, want to take a real hard look at the porn collection. They wanted to charge the informants with looking at it. That way, they could save Hunter Biden and keep it from splattering back on Joe Biden too.

Hunter’s laptop made the rounds

Back in 2019, John Paul Mac Isaac made a comfortable living repairing computer equipment in the Delaware vicinity. He didn’t think twice when some guy dropped off a MacBook.

It was just another job. The customer signed the forms that clearly warned that any machine not picked up in 90 days from repair belonged to the shop. The signature on that form is Hunter Biden. He didn’t come back to pick up the laptop.

Mac Isaac is a computer professional. “I’m not wanting to look at another man’s porn. So I generally wasn’t, it wasn’t what I was looking for,” he told investigative reporter John Solomon. It was the “evidence of potential money laundering” on the laptop that got his attention.

“Evidence of large, suspicious foreign transactions involving the Biden family and Ukraine, China and Russia.” As well as a bunch of porn. “I have no doubt in my mind,” Mac Isaac relates, “the person that was in the shop was indeed the person that was on the computer and the owner of the computer.”


John Paul Mac Isaac wanted to do his patriotic duty but was exceptionally, and probably rightfully, terrified of what might happen once the evidence he had personally seen on the laptop broke loose.

He needed advice, so he called his dad. An Air Force veteran who always seemed to have the answers. Dad was glad to help. Covering his back-trail, Mac Isaac’s father dropped in on the FBI. In Albuquerque, New Mexico. “He had the copy of the drive as well as the copy of the signed authorization.”

Lawyer up and get out

The only thing on the laptop the agent seemed interested in was the porn collection. He seems to have a fetish for kiddie porn. As Mac Isaac told Solomon, “agents seemed more concerned about possible child pornography” including whether or not he “had looked at it.”

And then, “the FBI agent that he spoke to refused to give his name and then said, ‘you better lawyer up and get out of my office.'”

Eventually, an FBI agent appeared in Delaware to talk about Hunter’s laptop. One “who specialized in child exploitation crimes.” Mac Isaac was astounded. “They really didn’t show an interest in any of the money. They were more interested in why I was afraid, and not necessarily what was on the drive.”

Afraid enough to send his dad to Albuquerque instead of going straight to D.C. headquarters, that is. “The first thing they asked me was if I had seen any child pornography, and you know, I’m not wanting to look at another man’s porn. So I generally wasn’t, it wasn’t what I was looking for. When I sat down to look for stuff, I really focused in on Ukraine. What I casually saw when I was doing the data transfer, sure, there was porn.” Every machine of every man coming through his shop has that.

“They never brought up money laundering at all, which that seems kind of odd.” But they did want to know why he was afraid of what was in the laptop. “I explained to them that there’s powers foreign and domestic that are involved. There’s a lot of money involved.”

He didn’t want to get suicided. “It was the material about Ukraine” on the computer that got him to contact the FBI. President Donald Trump’s potential impeachment was in the headlines then “along with talk about Burisma, the Ukrainian energy concern that paid Hunter Biden $50,000 a month to sit on its board.” He had darn good reason to be scared, Mac Isaac insists. “People do horrible things over money.”


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