Fake News Organization Ousted As New Details Emerge


Everybody knows that NBC pushes fake news like it was Fentanyl laced heroin. The peacock got busted peddling propaganda when they carefully canceled out the key facts and details from their alleged version of the nightly headlines on Wednesday, to make things fit the liberal narrative better. An analyst at the Media Research Center revealed the specifics of their “race-bait-and-evidence-switch scheme.”

Some of the news

The suits and talking heads all know that the real job of main stream networks isn’t to report the news but to create it and spread it around.

Even liberal critics are ganging up on NBC after they got busted cold for telling only a carefully selected part of the story instead of the truth. NBC lied to millions of viewers on the air and shrug it off as business as usual. So they’re telling people what to think, so what?

When analyst Nicholas Fondacaro with the Media Research Center caught NBC’s Wednesday evening broadcast he came unglued. Their “flagship evening news program omitted key details from a report on the police-involved shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio.” The part where she had a knife.

In their defense, they did technically “report” the knife, they just played it way, way down. That’s called “propaganda” and “censorship.”

What NBC News did was edit out “a portion of a frantic 911 call in which a woman is heard saying: ‘It’s these grown girls over here trying to fight us, trying to stab us, get here now!'”

Instead they played a quick clip from the call of a woman screaming they “need a police officer here now!”

They didn’t show that part

NBC also misleadingly didn’t show viewers the part of the bodycam footage with “the knife in the attacker’s hand just before the shots.” It was in the clip but not on the news. They insist, “the segment did not hide the fact that Bryant had a knife.” They didn’t hide it. They just didn’t point it out. Lester Holt only cared about getting the evening’s riots off to a blazing start.

“A police officer shot and killed a 16-year-old Black girl in Columbus, Ohio saying she was threatening others with a knife.” He makes it sound like whether she had a knife or not is in doubt. They’re “saying” that but that doesn’t mean she had a knife. The problem is she had a knife.

They also point out that the video streamer scrolling along the bottom clearly said, “POLICE FATALLY SHOOT 16-YEAR-OLD BLACK GIRL HOLDING KNIFE” along with “a still image from the bodycam footage” that showed the knife on the ground.

They’re not about to show someone with Antifa-proclivities and Black Lives Matter associations with a bloody knife in their hand on the news.

ABC and CBS were more reasonable about it, both of those liberal networks acknowledged “the portion of the 911 call that included the stabbing reference.” Fondacaro notes “both zoomed in on the footage, showing more clearly that Bryant was holding a knife during the altercation.” Meanwhile, NBC News “was slammed on social media in light of the stark comparison with the program’s competitors.”

Daily Caller asks, is “this not to the level of actual malice at this point? The police officer is not a public person. The report leaves out key evidence in such a way as to imply deliberate deception.” Jerry Dunleavy thinks so. “Omitting a key fact like the knife being clearly visible in her hand as she swings it at the other girl is willfully & intentionally deceptive,” the Washington Examiner reporter tweeted.


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