Emboldened By Dems Rhetoric, 19yr Old Opens Fire on Police

Emboldened By Dems Rhetoric, 19yr Old Opens Fire on Police

It appears that the Democrats’ anti-cop rhetoric may have finally led to the conclusion that conservatives have been warning about for years, as a 19 year old woman opened fire on a police officer during a Juneteenth parade and was killed during the shootout.

At around 2 p.m. on June 19, during the Juneteenth Champions Parade in Michigan, a police officer was working traffic duty when a woman pulled up in a silver car and started a confrontation with him.

The Flint Police Department officer drew his gun and instructed the driver to put her hands up. According to reporting by NBC News, the officer was screaming at the driver through her closed window: “Let me see your hands! Hands up!”

Suddenly, shots began ringing out. Witnesses in a nearby vehicle who captured the incident on video appear to say that the driver fired the first shots. From the events shown in their video below, they seem to be right.

After the gunshots stopped, the vehicle can be seen slowly rolling down the street.

Immediately after the shooting was over, the police officer who shot the woman falls to his knees, holding his face in his hands. A fellow officer attempts to console his grief-stricken brother, but he appears to be so emotional that he slumps to the pavement, and ends up face-down on the wet road.

The original video of the incident was posted on Facebook, but was later shared to Twitter.

The individual who shared the original footage claimed the driver of the car shot first, writing: “This car pulled up shooting first !! From inside the car with the windows still up! Which is what caused the police to shoot her he didn’t shoot her for no reason he had his life and the parade to protect . Why shots was coming from inside the car is what I don’t know.”

(Warning: Graphic video, strong language):


The Flint Police Department asked the Michigan State Police to investigate the officer-involved shooting.

The Michigan State Police issued a statement on the shooting, writing: “Preliminary investigation indicates the officer, who was working a traffic point for the Juneteenth Celebration Parade, was fired upon by the lone occupant of a vehicle who drove up to him at the traffic point. Upon taking fire, the officer returned fire, striking the suspect.”

The woman has not yet been identified by police, and was allegedly taken to a local hospital where she died. The officer was not injured and no bystanders were hurt

Democrats’ anti-cop rhetoric has gone too far. The left uses their ridiculous talking points to scare black people into being afraid of cops, and makes them hate cops. We knew their rhetoric would lead to this one day, where people are actively attacking police officers. The question is, how are we going to stop this from continuing?


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