Dems Plan to Scare Conservatives Backfires…Blows Up in Their Faces


Democrats thought they had a plan to scare conservatives silly enough to go along with gun control then it backfired and blew up in their faces. They really believed that images of heavily armed Black militia members would get the job done. They’re baffled that deplorable gun toting Second Amendment patriots are welcoming the Blacks into their fold with open arms. The narrative that all Whites love guns a lot more than they like people of color just evaporated.

The plan collapsed

Progressive Democrats live in a Fantasyland where only Black Lives Matter. The liberal leftists are firmly convinced that every single person of color is not only a registered Democrat but horrified by the thought of being exposed to the sight of a naked weapon in public.

Just because they are totally wrong won’t stop them for a split-second. Democrats have a plan and they’re sticking to it whether it works or not.

Every registered Democrat knows, because they were taught this in college, that only White people are concerned about exercising their gun rights. Minorities wouldn’t own a firearm under any circumstances. Even the police shouldn’t be allowed to carry, they insist.

Whenever Black gun owners start brandishing weapons in public, the plan calls for trained media to dutifully plaster the images across the screens of every home, portraying the “threat” to White culture. The only problem is that the Whites aren’t bothered, they give advice on model selection and ammo choices.

Deplorable White Nationalists aren’t the hideous monsters the liberal left wants everyone to think they are. Just because Whites and Blacks disagree on cultural issues doesn’t mean Whites won’t stand up for the protection of their rights too.

As one pundit writes, “no one on this side has ever believed that way. We may not agree with the things an armed black man or woman might be saying–then again, we might–but I’ll always stand in favor of their right to keep and bear arms, even against Republicans who suggest otherwise.” That does not fit the liberal plan one bit.

Black gun ownership soaring

As The Hill reports, “Gun ownership among Black Americans is soaring.” They aren’t talking about the Crips and the Bloods either. The plan to scare White patriots is obvious. The image going with the story doesn’t show a Black father shopping for a home protection weapon, it shows a “paramilitary” unit.

Whites are expected to infer that “Black Americans who buy guns lawfully are going to organize themselves into roving bands of troublemakers.”

Meanwhile, those White-nationalist militias aren’t losing any sleep over the infringement of their franchise. They know that Black Americans buy guns for exactly the same reasons as White Americans, not because of any sinister plan.

“They don’t trust their government to look out for them.” There is a good reason for that when the police don’t get to the scene until long after they’re needed. That is in towns where they still fund the police and actually allow them to do their job on occasion. As long as it does not involve shooting any Black criminals of course.

The real conservative plan, it turns out, is to see “every law-abiding citizen armed, both inside the home and outside of it.” The more guns in the hands of honest citizens, the less incentive there will be for lawless opportunists to use guns for crime.

When some nut job pulls out a weapon in the supermarket, open carry would solve the problem before anyone could dial 911. The only real gun control problem which ever faced any American of any color is hitting what they aim at.


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