Dad Learns His Fate After Beating His Daughter’s Rapist To Death


Texas is known for its tough stance on crime, but when it comes to child rape, the Lone Star State takes justice into their own hands.

In a recent case involving Jesus Mora Flores and a four-year-old girl, an enraged father took immediate action to protect his daughter.

The incident serves as an example of swift and sure justice for victims of child rape in the state of Texas.

The incident began when Jesus Mora Flores, a 47-year old farmhand was allegedly attempting to rape a then 4-year old girl in a secluded shack on the family farm near Shriner, Texas.

The girl’s brother ran to tell his father what was going on and her cries alerted the father that something was wrong.

When he entered the shack he found Flores with his daughter both without their underwear removed.

This caused him to fly into a blind rage and he began beating Flores mercilessly until he lost consciousness.

Once realizing what happened, the father called 911 despite knowing that it might be too late for Flores who had already passed away from his injuries upon emergency crews arriving at the scene.

The evidence collected by authorities showed that forensic evidence and witness accounts corroborated the father’s story that his daughter was being sexually assaulted leading Sheriff Micah Harmon not pressing charges against him immediately following given all these facts.

It seemed as though grand jury agreed with Sheriff Harmon which is why they opted not to press charges against this unnamed dad after hearing his 911 call determining that he killed 47-year-old Jesus Mora Flores to stop sexual assault against his child.

According to District Attorney Heather McMinn under Texan law deadly force is authorized when trying to stop aggravated sexual assault or sexual assault altogether which justified this specific homicide according to her standards.


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