Criminal Probe Launched After Greta Thunberg Accidentally Reveals Who is Pulling the Strings

greta thunberg

Pigtailed Wednesday Adams lookalike enviro-radical Greta Thunberg posted a tweet and it started an international conspiracy probe into who’s pulling her puppet strings. She accidentally posted the propaganda talking point orders from her New World Order handlers to all 5 million addicted twits who follow every character she taps to social media.

Where Thunberg gets her wise opinions

Those wise and weighty opinions Thunberg spews at the drop of a microphone appear to be spoon fed to her in easy to swallow sound-bites. India is taking it seriously enough to start a national security investigation.

They aren’t going to arrest the teenage activist, their detectives are focused on “the creators of the document she shared.” Indian law enforcement officials call it suspected “overseas conspiracy” and they “appear to be serious about getting to the bottom of the manufactured support for the anti-government protests.”

Delhi Police Special Commissioner Praveer Ranjan is steamed. “Delhi Police has taken cognizance of a toolkit document found on a social media handle that predates and indicates a copycat execution of a conspiracy behind the January 26 violence.” They had civil unrest issues on “Q” there too.

“The call was to wage economic, social, cultural and regional war against India.” Thunberg was manipulated into spreading New World Order propaganda. They take it seriously. Ranjan was quick to point out that one of the cases being built involves “sedition.” The aim of the plot was to “push conflict between religious and ethnic groups in India.” Sounds familiar.

Thunberg doesn’t seem to mind the “seriousness with which authorities are treating this case.” She’s not “bothered by the growing international criminal investigation.” She has wealthy and powerful globalist friends.

She simply deleted the tweet, called the documents “outdated” and turned her back on the world. On Thursday, she even poked a sharp stick at the Indian tiger by tweeting more support of the farmers and their “peaceful protest.” She’s defiant that “no amount of hate, threats or violations of human rights will ever change that.”

With friends like these

With the kind of friends Greta Thunberg has, you don’t have enemies. At least, not for long. When one family has so much money that it can’t possibly even be estimated, they get anything they want. When India’s investigation gets going, there’s a really good chance it will lead in the direction of the Rothschild family.

They claim that times were tough for the family in the 19th century so they don’t have nearly the power they had back then. Still, they build 4 million Euro racing yachts to play with like toys in a bathtub.

When they get tired of them, they give them to little girls to play with. Special little girls who have 5 million twitter followers who agree with the same things the Rothschild’s do. New World Order global socialism.

The 60 foot monohull sailing yacht “designed by VPLP and Guillaume Verdier and constructed by Multiplast in France” which carried Thunberg to the UN in carbon generation free comfort a year-and-a-half ago, the Malizia II, was commissioned “for the Gitana Sailing Team founded by Benjamin de Rothschild.” The estimated cost of construction was around 4 million Euros.

In August of 2019 the Malizia II carried Thunberg “across the North Atlantic Ocean from Plymouth to New York City without producing any carbon dioxide during the voyage.”

What Greenpeace whale watchers mutter into their lattes about is all the environmentally polluting plastic, made from oil, that went into building the “carbon friendly” boat. Well, at least it “sequesters” a bunch.

A popular French sailing magazine asked the boatmaker about how the boat Thunberg made such a a fashionably green entrance in was put together. They start with “3 tons of carbon fibre, moulds for hull and deck, a number of construction materials and various resins (baked at 120° during the construction process) are needed.” They cough in their hand when they add, “both boatyards are well aware of the resulting and indisputable environmental impact during boat construction.”


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