China Denies WHO Access in Search for COVID Origins


The way that China is denying access to WHO investigators makes it look like the commies have something to hide about the origins of COVID-19. The World Health Organization is bending over backwards to accept the “official” story that it didn’t come from a lab. The problem is that the Chinese won’t let them prove it.

WHO asks ‘what?’

The WHO is going out of their way to accept the official story Xi Jinping’s scientists have been feeding them. Just like Tinkerbell, the World Health Organization believes real hard in a natural origin of the economy killing pandemic.

They have a theory that “farms and caves might have played a role with bats spreading COVID-19.” Confirming that would get the Chinese off the hook. There’s only one problem and it’s a big one.

China has officially “denied the World Health Organization access to bat caves and wildlife farming areas in a region six hours west of Wuhan.” All WHO researchers need to do is check out the “nearby wet markets.”

It seems that they were all “banned from selling live animals just days before Beijing acknowledged a new virus had been detected.”

WHO scientists are going batty trying to figure out why they can’t have access to “hundreds of caves that contain bats in Enshi prefecture in Hubei province.” The area lies west of Wuhan, “where COVID-19 first emerged.” They also want to check out “nearby wildlife farming areas that, prior to the pandemic, were known to breed thousands of wild animals.”

If Covid did come from there, the Chinese would be jumping up and down with joy to prove it. This seems to indicate that examining the local wildlife will only uncover the virus before it was manipulated in the lab, to become much more virulent against humans.

An intermediate host

Researchers can’t understand why China won’t let them in. They’re convinced that “those animals could have potentially been an intermediate host for the virus to spread from bats to humans.” Unless it didn’t work that way.

WHO scientists argue that “investigating the farms is a key step to determining the origins of the pandemic.” China seems to think that kind of study will prove the exact opposite.

The WHO is attempting to clear China’s name by blaming it all on natural transmission. The possibility exists that “the virus was passed from a bat to an intermediate host, such as a farm animal that went on to be sold at a wet market.” Beijing doesn’t see it that way. They have “repeatedly claimed that the pandemic originated elsewhere.”


If that’s true, why did they shut those markets down? According to Chinese news, “wet markets in the Enshi region were banned from selling live animals in December 2019 — just eight days before the Chinese government publicly acknowledged that a new virus had been detected at a Wuhan wet market.”

Meanwhile, frustrating the WHO even more, a “spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Washington could not confirm if bats or farm-raised wild animals in Enshi were ever tested for the virus.”

As noted by evolutionary biologist Michael Worobey, “That kind of proximity of farmed animals and bats that could be carrying coronaviruses is exactly the kind of thing we worry about.”


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