Breaking: Israeli PM Makes Shocking Announcement


Despite previous statements, it appears Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) will remain in control of the Gaza Strip following the conclusion of the war with Hamas. While meeting with mayors from towns bordering Gaza, Netanyahu stated that Israel will not be willing to hand over control to an international force.

This news is likely to draw criticism from foreign leaders and organizations who believe an international effort could help restore peace and safety to the region.

U.S. officials have pushed for an international coalition of troops, including those from Arab countries, to manage security in Gaza until Palestinian authorities can take back control of the territory. However, during his meeting with mayors of southern Israel, Netanyahu firmly rejected this idea while also promising economic aid for towns that suffered damage during October’s massacre.

He further assured them that no ceasefire would be agreed upon until every last terrorist within Gaza was eliminated.

Although Prime Minister Netanyahu has been criticized for only recently holding his first group meeting with southern town mayors since the start of fighting against Hamas, he made sure their voices were heard during his address. He listened intently as they requested a different security reality once the war ends and seemed dedicated to providing support where needed in order to make up for any losses experienced due to recent events in Gaza.

The Prime Minister clearly demonstrated his commitment to keeping citizens safe and helping those affected by conflict during this time of crisis.

This is a developing story.


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