Breaking: IDF Latest Mission Proving Successful


The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have released brand new footage of a vital mission that has proved successful thus far. IDF unveiled recent footage of their Navy’s underwater missions unit, known as YALTAM , recovering weapons that were left behind by Hamas terrorists in the sea.

This is part of the IDF’s effort to demonstrate their might and show that they are capable of foiling any seaborne attack by Hamas forces.

These weapons were used during the October 7 onslaught and other attacks since then.

On October 7, members of Hamas’ naval forces attempted to infiltrate into Israel via the sea. However, Israeli Navy forces managed to kill dozens of them and largely stopped their seaborne attack. Since then, there have been more attempts by the terror group to send divers into Israel.

In order to protect Israeli citizens from these nefarious attacks, YALTAM scuba forces scanned the seabed in recent days and found firearms, explosive devices, ammunition and rubber dinghies that had been sunken due to navy fire.

The weapons were brought to shore where they were destroyed by a specialized IDF unit called Yahalom from their Combat Engineering Corps.

In order to prevent future incursions from taking place, YALTAM scuba forces have been scanning the seabed near Israel’s coastlines in search of weapons and explosives devices that may have been left behind by these militant groups.

This is a developing story.


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