BREAKING: FBI/DEA Raid US Private Vaults


Things were popping at a strip mall in Beverly Hills as agents from the DEA, FBI, and the US Postal Service swoop down on “U.S. Private Vaults.” The ongoing investigation apparently supplied the joint team of law enforcement with a warrant to raid the insured, bank safe deposit rentals of the rich and infamous.

FBI raid Private Vaults

An official spokesunit for the Federal Bureau of Instigation confirmed Tuesday that “Investigators from the DEA, FBI, and the US Postal Service are conducting an ongoing, joint investigation at U.S. Private Vaults in Beverly Hills.”

The California liberals aren’t happy. Someone seems to be stashing something really interesting to the DEA. They are the ones who got the warrant to “search U.S. Private Vaults, a private company offering insured, bank safe deposit rentals located at the Beverly Palm Plaza strip mall.”

The vaults are conveniently located at the intersection of West Olympic Boulevard and South Palm Drive. The raid went down on Monday morning at 9:50 a.m. but they kept it under wraps until Tuesday.

According to bureau liaison Laura Eimiller, the “affidavit in support the warrant is sealed.” That means nobody knows what’s in it. The good news is that no nearby streets had to be closed down.

After the smoke cleared from initial reports, it turns out that the private vaults were only one of two potential targets in the raid. The Post office is also right next door in the same strip mall.

Because both the DEA and the Post Office are involved in the investigation, “it appears likely that they are investigating possible storage of drugs at one of these facilities.”


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