Biden Gets Trolled By Group of Young Children During Epic Moment [Images]


Joe “the walking gaffe” Biden has struck again, or rather some intrepid, Trump-loving kids in Shanksville, PA seem to have gotten the better of him! Biden was pictured on September 11th taking a photo op with three boys and five girls, all maskless, at least three of whom are bedecked in pro-trump apparel, two of the girls in a “Make America Great Again” and “Trump” ballcaps respectively, and a little boy wearing a tee-shirt emblazoned with a shade-wearing Trump with the words: “I’ll be back” and the President’s photostatic signature.


The image’s authenticity, first thought to be a hoax by many was confirmed by one of the girl’s mothers one Jana Musser who tweeted, “We may not always see eye to eye, but we can all come together to be United!”My daughter Ryleigh is sporting her blue Trump hat!” She tagged Kayleigh MceNany and Donald Trump Jr. in the tweet. Jana took the photo in a very altruistic manner which the internet hasn’t seemed to share. Quite to the contrary, most are pointing out that Biden appears a tad foolish posing for a photo with several children who clearly prefer his 2020 Electoral adversary.

Even Trump DoD Appointee Dr. Sebastian Gorka was getting in on the fun, calling the opportunity for a quick laugh “Too Good”.

Biden Missed The Keanu Reeves “Hover-Hand” Memo

Alas, but in the age of “#MeToo” and particularly egregious due to his extensive history of violating personal boundaries and enjoying the scent of children’s brand shampoo a bit too much for comfort (being as charitable as possible) Joe seems to have missed the famous “Hover-hands” memo, referring to a technique in the age of accusation made famous by Matrix star Keanu Reeves the “Respectful King” who seems to NEVER touch ANYONE, particularly women during fan photos.

Sadly, Biden hasn’t caught on and Twitter noticed immediately… and mercilessly. And confessedly….it’s…awkward. It’s definitely what you’d call “a bad look” for someone who made headlines for years with…the…um…sniffing. It’s just bad…all bad.

Also, interesting is the Secret Service Agent clearly visible over Biden’s right shoulder watching the scene unfold very intently behind a pair of aviators, probably wondering ‘What the hell is he thinking?’, Or one could imagine him softly singing “Don’t stand so close to me” by the Police to himself.


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