Biden ADMITS He is INFECTED, Probably Spread it to His ENTIRE Team

Biden ADMITS He is INFECTED, Probably Spread it to His ENTIRE Team

Joe Biden was already seen as weak due to his age, and the fact that he fractured his foot playing with his dog. Now he’s coughing excessively during speeches, and claiming he just has a “bit of a cold.”

Biden addressed the American people on December 14 after the Electoral College held their vote, pausing throughout his speech to cough and clear his throat.

Twitter immediately blew up, with users posting concerns and questions about the former vice president’s health.

Some users were worried Biden needed to take a COVID test. According to his campaign, his last test had been on December 11.

“Biden keeps coughing and clearing his throat. Is he ok?,” one user asked in a tweet.

Others wondered why Biden is still choosing to cough into his hand, ignoring decades of education showing that coughing into the elbow is more sanitary.

“What’s with @JoeBiden coughing into his hand like 4 times? Someone tell him that we cough into our elbow,” wrote one Twitter user.

The former vice president has been seen coughing into his hand on numerous occasions:

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper has chastised Biden for this:

In a call with his supporters after the speech, Biden claimed that, although he was sick, it was nothing to be worried about.

“Thank you, I have a little bit of a cold, I’m sorry, but look, you know, you did it, you did it, not a joke,” Biden said during the call, according to Fox News.

Biden’s health has been a topic of concern for the American people since he entered the Democrat primary, as many people have expressed concern that he may not be capable of performing his duties as president should he take office due to his physical and mental health.

The former vice president’s recently fractured foot, and now his “cold,” have revived these concerns.

“Healthy and Fit” Biden

According to reporting by CNN, Joe Biden, 78, “slipped while playing with his dog” on November 29.

“Initial x-rays did not show any obvious fracture, but his clinical exam warranted more detailed imaging. Follow-up CT scan confirmed hairline fractures of President-elect Biden’s lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot. It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks,” Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s doctor, said.

The left-wing news outlet also claimed that “a summary of Biden’s medical history… showed the former vice president was healthy and fit for the presidency.”

Out of all of the words that describe Joe Biden, “healthy” and “fit” do not come close to reality. The former vice president has had several sinus surgeries, has had his gallbladder removed, and has had several non-melanoma skin cancers removed.

Biden also had two brain aneurysms in 1988.

How can a “reputable” news source, a doctor, or a voter call this man fit for office? All of these past health problems and surgeries do not bode well for a man of his age, let alone someone in the highest office in the country.

The main question is, does Joe Biden have COVID, or is it just “a little bit of a cold”?


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