Antifa Helps BLM Activist Who Attempted to Murder Trump Supporters


Conservatives in America are wondering why we still have laws these days. The 40-year-old BLM® activist who was filmed last year plowing her vehicle through a group of deplorable Trump supporters is walking around free on bail, thanks to Antifa. She may be free but it wasn’t cheap. Lawyers for the anarchists forked over a cool $1 million bucks.

Antifa funds civil unrest

Antifa may not be an organized group but their brand is found on everything related to the left these days, especially the Black Lives Matter™ movement. BLM activist Tatiana Turner can go back to work as a protester while awaiting trial on charges of murder, assault & other violent crimes.

She’s been charged in Orange County, California over an incident last year in Yorba Linda where she was filmed “running over demonstrators with her car plowing her vehicle into a group of counter-protesters and injuring two people last year.”

The month before, Turner allegedly beat “two men at a Seal Beach protest” with a “four-foot rod.”

No problem, Antifa lawyers say. the National Lawyers Guild has aided rioters from coast-to-coast and raising money for Turner’s bail was just another day at work for them.

At her preliminary hearing, she had the whole local chapter besieging the courthouse. After walking away free, she said she’ll be returning to work early Friday morning for a gig building a set for a concert.”

The anarchists didn’t want to jeopardize the release of their beloved leader so they made it crystal clear on the SoCal Antifa website that during the show of “solidarity” at the hearing, anarchists had to follow some rules.

“There will be no tolerance for unnecessary leftist Sabre rattling.” Only “necessary” sabre rattling.

Life plus 26 years

She’s really in trouble. Antifa won’t be able to get her out of it either. “Turner was previously charged with six felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one felony count of mayhem and two felony counts for using pepper spray.”

If the jury says guilty on all of those she could get anywhere between “seven years to life plus 26 years in state prison.” That doesn’t mean the judge can get really tough and make them keep her rotting corpse locked up another quarter century but some conservatives think it might not be such a bad idea in cases such as hers.

She claims self-defense. Her fellow Antifa anarchists “say she was surrounded by a violent mob and acted in self-defense.”

Turner’s former attorney, Ludlow Creary II, “said in an interview last year that she had asked police for help from a hostile crowd but was ignored.” That’s not what the deputies say.

Orange County sheriff’s investigators have convinced the prosecutors that “Turner intentionally drove through a crowd of counter-protestors, severely injuring a man and woman.” Her Antifa inspired group of “professional militant organizers” all “encourage others to engage in civil disobedience.” Brian Willis had his leg run over.

He testified that “he followed Turner to her car to photograph her license plate after seeing her pepper spray and brandish a stick at other counter-protestors.” However, “Danielle Lindgren, a woman whose head was run over, did not testify during the preliminary hearing.”


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