Another Massive Blow to FBI Credibility


In another stunning blow to FBI credibility, witnesses in the Igor Danchenko trial testified that Robert Mueller ordered them not to investigate Democrat “operative” Charles Dolan. It was a classic case of not asking any questions that you don’t want to hear the answers to. Investigating Dolan would have let Donald Trump off the hook and the Grand Inquisitor wasn’t about to allow that.

Robert Mueller squashed crucial evidence

On Friday, October 14, two FBI agents testified separately that while they were working with Robert Mueller on his witch hunt into manufactured collusion between Donald Trump and Russia, the special counsel ordered the cover-up of Clinton-Russia collusion.

The agents wanted to probe “longtime Democratic operative Charles Dolan for his connections to Russia — specifically to Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They were quickly ordered by their higher ups, who were top Mueller lieutenants in the alleged attempt to frame Donald Trump, not to go there. FBI analyst Brittany Herzog and FBI supervisory special agent Amy Anderson, who both served on the inquisition team, testified that they found ties between Dolan and the Kremlin.

Both wanted to follow up by interrogating him. They weren’t allowed because it would have uncovered more evidence against Hillary Clinton than they had on Donald Trump, which was none.

Over nearly two years, Mueller wasted more-than $30 million on an investigation which “yielded no evidence of criminal conspiracy or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian officials during the 2016 presidential election.” They could have uncovered lots of dirt on Hillary.

Agent Herzog testified that “Dolan had a relationship with Danchenko, who served as the primary sub-source for Christopher Steele and his anti-Trump dossier, and Olga Galkina. Galkina was also a sub-source for the dossier.” It seems that “Dolan visited Galkina in Cyprus more than once. Dolan also “traveled to Moscow in October and December of 2016.” Danchenko was there both times.


Connection to Peskov

What Mueller really wanted to cover up was the connection between Dolan and Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s press secretary. “The Danchenko-Dolan connection was important because of Dolan’s connectivity with Peskov,” Herzog explained in court.

I wanted to interview Dolan, his connectivity to sources and Russian government officials. Some others in the FBI didn’t want to investigate. To the best of my knowledge, no one from the special counsel team interviewed Dolan.

Agent Herzog testified she had “developed a report outlining Galkina’s connection to Russian officials, Danchenko and the Steele dossier.” Dolan, she pointed out, had his own section in her report.

As soon as the FBI big wheels found out, she got called on the carpet, “instructed not to take further action on the relationship between Dolan and Galkina.

Corroborating her testimony, FBI Agent Amy Anderson was “a supervisory special agent on the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team investigating Trump-Russia collusion.” Later, she worked on the Mueller inquisition. She “was assigned to attempt to validate the Steele dossier and verify reporting in the dossier, or determine if it was inaccurate.” Everyone knows now that was an impossible task because it was entirely fabricated.

Because of “Dolan’s connections to both Danchenko and Galkina, who served as sub-sources for the dossier, she wanted to open an investigation into him.” Dolan, she explained, “worked for Ketchum (PR agency) which did work for the Kremlin and Dolan had connection to Peskov. Anyone who had a connection to the Kremlin would have been important to look into.” Not to Robert Mueller. He probably still sets off Geiger counters from that time when he personally hand delivered a Uranium One sample to the Kremlin as a favor to Hillary.


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