Air Force Cadets Are Being Brainwashed


Air Force cadets are being told that they can’t write home to mom. Dad is also a dirty word. The woke new air force shoved Diversity and Inclusion training on new students at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. It forbids them to utter such disgusting words as “boyfriend or girlfriend” because today’s modern military is a gender neutral paradise.

Cadets forbidden to mention gender

When writing home to family members, Air Force Academy cadets must use terms like “Dear parent” and “recognize diverse family formation” at all times. The words our soldiers use must “include all genders.

If you go on a date, it’s with your “partner.” The training manual orders budding officers to “ask” people what they “call themselves.” If someone identifies as a cat, say meow.

Instead of saying “you guys,” cadets have been ordered to use “gender-neutral terms” such as “team,” “squaddies,” “folks” and even “y’all.” The brainwashing team notes that some “families are headed by single parents, grandparents, foster parents, two moms, two dads, etc.

That, they say is why it’s so important to use terms like “parent or caregiver” to replace “mom and dad.” Air Force officers must “recognize diverse family formation.

The thing for cadets to remember, they’re indoctrinated into thinking is the crucial need to use “person-centered” language, such as “people with disabilities” instead of “the disabled” and “transgender people” rather than “transgenders.” The textbook gets specific.

For instance, it notes some individuals are challenged by color perception issues. They are not “Colorblind.” They are likewise forbidden to say “I don’t see color,” even though that sums it up perfectly.

Valued for uniqueness

Instead, Air Force cadets have to beat around the bush to call themselves “color conscious.” That’s actually a lie because they’re color “unconscious.” They still see patterns so they’re valued for their “uniqueness.

Just don’t expect them to be able to accurately read the flag on the tail of that menacing jet on the horizon. We’ll, it’s either “Venezuela, Ecuador, or Colombia,” they can still report.

Inclusive language is critical, the training slides inform young cadets. It’s necessary, they insist, to develop warfighters. “Today we are preparing to face challenges that may not exist today.


For example, Information Warfare only became a career field 7 years ago, and we stood up the Space Force in 2019. This makes our need to innovate critical.

An Air Force Academy spokesperson confirmed that they developed the training to “introduce all cadets to Department of the Air Force definitions of diversity and inclusion, as well as how these concepts enhance our warfighting effectiveness.” That way they can scream “die you dirty parent-f***er” as they squeeze the trigger on the hellfire missiles.

This way, the academy suggests, “develops leaders of character that can lead diverse teams of Airmen and Guardians inclusively, to enhance innovation and win future conflict.” Somehow, Americans felt much safer when the military wasn’t so politically correct. One can only imagine someone like Audie Murphy or Greg Boyington being sent to diversity training.


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